Migratory and Upland Bird Hunting



Knoxford lodge is surrounded by some of the best upland game hunting habitat found anywhere. Whether it's a frosty morning of hunting grouse along the hedgerows of  wild berries, apple trees and wild grapes or hunting the snowshoe hare in the thickets with the aid of your best dog, you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of  upland hunting we have to offer. Woodcock, ruffed grouse and snowshoe hare are the main species hunted here in New Brunswick and are plentiful around the lodge. If you've never experienced the thundering wings of a grouse as it explodes from cover or the erratic flight of a woodcock as it rapidly shoots up and away from it's hiding place, you won't want to miss out on trying your hand at upland game at Knoxford.




If you love hunting waterfowl, then you'll love Knoxford Lodge. The hunt begins right in front of the lodge on our private lake for a wide variety of ducks and geese. The large fields included in our 3000 acres of private access hunting areas are frequented by migrating geese and offer fantastic hunting opportunities. If ducks are more your style, hunt on our private lake or one of the many sloughs in the area that provide superb action for the avid water fowler. New Brunswick is right in the flight path of waterfowl heading south for the winter and the action can be fast and furious during the season.