Directions to Knoxford Lodge



Once entering the State of Maine continue on I-95 until you reach the UNITED STATES CUSTOMS  where you have to stop and report your firearms (see Visitors to Canada button on home page) coming into Canada and leave a copy of your gun registration form. At the same time you should get a card made for all equipment you are bringing with you like cameras, range finders, etc and these are good for as long as you own them and make for a very easy return trip as this proves you brought it with you. Next carry on to the Canadian Customs and follow the same procedure of firearms. A passport or picture ID and a couple items of identification should also be brought along. Once clearing Canadian Customs drive to Hwy 2 and Exit on Left and head for Edmundston, NB and drive 24 miles to a village of Florenceville and cross river where you Exit at the end of bridge for the town of Centreville. When entering Centreville continue to flashing light at 4 way intersection (only lights in town) and turn Right onto Route 560 and we are at house number 4166 on right 9 miles from town with sign on lawn. This is where you check in upon arrival